The Best Places to Find Shopping Deals & Sales

    The French Riviera is an international destination for shopaholics and bargain hunters. It has a plethora of malls and markets, indie and designer boutiques, designer duds to hand-made one-offs, flea and food markets, and huge shopping sale events. High-heeled beauties and tanned locals alike buy their food and drink from the colorful stalls.

    Luxurious shopping malls can be found littered along the region, and the marketplaces of Monaco, boutiques of Cannes et al, are the heart of their respective cities.

    Handmade items and local specialties are favorites at shops and markets, and (unlike many other tourist destinations where most stores have very similar offerings) you’ll find plenty of unique items on the French Riviera that you can’t get in other places, and many independent designers.

    And it’s not all expensive — you can find some great deals, especially at shopping events (see below). Whatever your shopping passion is, you’ll find the cream of the crop in the French Riviera.

    Here are the best places to get your shop on:

    French Flea Markets (Vide-Grenier)

    You can get great deals on real treasures at french flea markets

    Europe doesn’t do Garage Sales, preferring neighborhood flea markets, known as Vide-Greniers, which literally means “empty your attic”. Each village usually does one or two a year, spring and fall, and each family fills a table with all manner of fascinating finds, from the most hilarious junk to the most interesting antiques.

    The prices at these bric-a-brac free-for-alls are a fraction of the weekly antique markets, and bargaining is the way to go… if you don’t speak French, start with a ‘bonjour‘ and a smile, then just point and use the calculator on your smartphone to make your offer!

    Check our complete list of all French Riviera’s flea and antique markets.

    Food, Flower, Artisan & Antique Markets

    Definitely visit The Markets in Nice, especially the evening artisan market

    The markets in the Old Towns of the French Riviera are basically the beating heart of each town. They are lively places where locals get their daily produce and say “Bonjour!” to their neighbors, while eager tourists look on, curious about the daily activities of the locals, and try to catch the feel of daily Riviera life.

    avoid The market in frejus, selling mostly goods made in china

    Check out our guide to the best French Riviera markets so you’ll know which markets to shop at for the specific items you want — and which to avoid.

    La Grande Braderie – Sale Event


    Once a year, each major city in France holds a massive sale called La Grande Braderie. Clothes and accessories from the town’s boutiques will fill the streets. Racks and tables will help to sell fashion apparel, accessories, decoration, etc. at deep discounts.

    The most famous Grand Braderie on the French Riviera is in Saint Tropez, where the designer shops gather for the biggest shopping event on the French Riviera. Check out Iconic Riviera’s guide to this year’s La Grande Braderie in Saint Tropez.

    Luxury Shopping in Monaco’s Shopping Centers


    If you’re bound for Monaco in search of bargains, I’m going to have to disappoint you. True, there are a few ‘affordable’ shops in the Condamine/Port district. But key Monaco shops (mostly in Monte-Carlo’s Cercle d’Or district around Place du Casino) clothe, bejewel and otherwise complement the costliest bodies on the planet. Still, if you look hard enough you can find occasional deals. Check out our guide to shopping centers in Monaco.

    Shop the Streets of Cannes

    Our favorite city for shopping is Cannes, because of the outdoor setting, the sheer number of stores, and the mix of both cool indie fashion labels, mid-range aspirational brands, and high-end fashion houses. A true slice of Parisian elegance and opulence on the Côte d’Azur, Cannes keeps in well-heeled step with the most sought after high-end retail shopping districts in the world.

    The compact center of town makes it perfect for a short stopover, as you can take in all the most prestigious shopping precincts within an entirely walkable area. So serious are they about their luxury retail culture that Cannes dedicates an entire festival to it every year, in spring – with four fashion filled days of haute couture shows, entertainment and a slew of other related events. The ‘Cannes Shopping Festival’ is held every spring in March or April and the ‘Sales and the City’ shopping festival is held each January. Our events calendar has all the details.

    Discover Cannes’ unmistakable glamour and opulence through the city’s best places to shop: Check out our guide to shopping in Cannes.

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