The Best Shopping Deals & Sales

    The French Riviera is not exactly an international destination for bargain hunters — except for a few times per year. Shopping on the French Riviera can be expensive if you don’t know when to shop. But as savvy shoppers know, you can find some great deals here, especially at the big shopping events.

    The Best Shopping Deals & Sales - france big sales soldes
    The yearly sales periods are highly anticipated and offer huge discounts

    Our favorite way to get a discount while shopping and eating out in Monaco is a local secret — but we’re letting you in on it! Here’s how to save 5% when you spend money in Monaco year-round (it’s free and easy!)

    Here are the biggest and best sales of the year:

    The Big Yearly Sales

    The annual winter and summer sales are a long-standing tradition in this part of the world. They’re similar to Black Friday in the USA, but running for weeks instead of one day. People are known to save up holiday time to be able to partake in the event, trying on or testing out items weeks in advance so that when the clock strikes 9am on the designated day, they will be able to swoop in and get desired items at great prices.

    Discounts increase the longer the sales go on, but the selection of products will by decrease as items sell out. For example, in the first démarque (mark-down), they are generally reduced by up to 40% maximum, but around a week to 10 days later there is a second reduction, with many items at 50% off, and then later still there is a third, with items at more than 50% off – though usually by this point there is less choice.

    Monaco & Italy

    This year, the Monaco winter sales period runs from January 2 to February 15, 2022 for all retail shops. Monaco stores have the jump on the French, who start their sales period a full 10 days later. Plus, you can get an additional 5% off the sale prices in Monaco with this insider trick.

    If you want to get a jump on the deals, hop over the border to the Liguria region of Italy (go to Ventimiglia or Sanremo), where the sales (‘saldi‘) start few days earlier and always go a couple of weeks longer.

    The French Riviera

    The annual Winter Sales (‘Soldes d’Hiver’) and Summer Sales (‘Soldes d’Ete’) are the only two times a year when French shops are legally allowed to sell items for less than cost. It’s a grand French tradition, a bit like a (much) more civilized version of the ‘Black Friday’ frenzy in the US. 

    The 2022 winter sales will start on Wednesday, January 12 and end on Tuesday, February 8, 2022. Summer sales will start on Wednesday, June 22 and end on Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

    Expect big markdowns as the shops try to get the current season’s stock out the door. The first day can be a real zoo as everyone races to snap up the best stuff, but pace yourself as the markdowns (‘demarques’) get deeper as the weeks go on…

    The rules for sales on the internet are exactly the same as in the shops, except for one major difference: customers of goods purchased online have a right of return of 14 days from the day they receive the item. The customer has the right to exchange the item or ask for a refund without giving a reason. The customer may have to pay for the return shipping costs.

    Watch Out for Scams! 

    According to consumer group UFC-Choisir, the most common scams include: 

    • Shops inflating the original price of the item, to make shoppers believe they are getting a better deal or a discount than they really are.
    • The sale of inferior, poor quality products during the sale.
    • Shops changing their returns policy (this must be very clearly stated at the time of purchase.) However, if there is a fault with the product, or some other issue, the shop must exchange or refund the item.

    Cannes: Sales and Luxury Shopping Events

    Each year, Cannes hosts two big shopping events:

    The ‘Cannes Shopping Festival’ is held every spring over a long weekend in March or April from Friday to Monday. It’s four days of nearly non-stop fashion shows, entertainment, and a slew of shopping events. Many of the fashion shows are held in the Palais des Festivals , but there are also outdoor fashion shows.

    The Best Shopping Deals & Sales - shopping discounts sales events french riviera1

    ‘Sales and the City’ is a large shopping and street sale held each January. Most of the stores and shops in Cannes, especially ones in the main shopping district, offer deep discounts and extras (like free champagne while you shop) during this time. Expect entertainment, enticing promotions, and activities offered by shops in the city center. Here are the details:

    • It is held from January 12 to 16, 2022
    • Saturday from 2pm to 7pm: Rue d’Antibes will be pedestrianized and will have mobile shows with jugglers and acrobats.
    • Wednesday to Sunday from 2pm to 6pm: Sound system on rue d’Antibes and rue Francis Tonner.
    • Fixed price of €5.50 per day at most car parks.
    • Visit the official website for more details.

    Shopping in Cannes: Cannes is to shopping what the steps are to the Palais des Festivals — a must! The flagship address for Cannes shopping remains the Croisette. With its palaces, the boulevard is the signature of Cannes, it is also the address of haute-couture houses and luxury ready-to-wear boutiques. Parallel to the Croisette, the rue d’Antibes is more diverse, from fashion boutiques to decoration stores and trendy tea rooms. Between the Croisette and the rue d’Antibes, is the Carré d’Or. Not far, the rue des Etats-Unis, also subscribed to luxury. More convivial, rue Meynadier: this pedestrian street which extends the district of Suquet is the historic street of Cannes trade. In Cannes La Bocca, shopping flourishes under the sun 50m from the beaches of the Midi.

    Check out Iconic Riviera’s guide to shopping in Cannes.

    La Grande Braderie – Sale Event

    The Best Shopping Deals & Sales - grande braderie saint tropez guide 1

    Every year, each major city in France holds a massive 3-day sale called ‘La Grande Braderie’. Clothes and accessories from the town’s boutiques fill the streets. Racks and tables will help to sell fashion apparel, accessories, decoration, etc. at deep discounts.

    The most famous Grand Braderie on the French Riviera is in Saint Tropez, where (in late October) the designer shops gather for the most exclusive shopping event on the French Riviera. Check out Iconic Riviera’s guide to this year’s La Grande Braderie in Saint Tropez.

    Nice’s Grand Braderie is in September, the Cannes Grand Braderie is in early October and Antibes holds theirs in August. We put all the sales in our calendar, so make sure to check our events calendar for details.

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    Check our events calendar for more shopping and sales events.

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