La Grande Braderie de Saint-Tropez

    Every year, and only once per year, Saint-Tropez shops hold a massive liquidation sale called Le Grand Braderie. Saint-Tropez’ shops gather for the biggest shopping event on the French Riviera. Clothes and accessories from the town’s boutiques will fill the streets. Racks and tables clutter the streets with designer fashion apparel, accessories, decoration, etc. at deep discounts.

    La Grande Braderie de Saint-Tropez - grande braderie saint tropez guide 1

    The sale is over the last weekend of October. It also happens in clothes shops across France, but the one in Saint-Tropez is the pinnacle of pure discount shopping heaven. Not just because of its size and the quality of the items on sale, but also due to its setting.

    Grande Braderie in Saint-Tropez

    The event is a massive jumble sale which sees shops throughout the town of every shape and size spill into the street to display discounted goods. And in true Saint Tropez style, many of the bargains to be had aren’t just any old items which shop-keepers hope to flog before new stock comes in. Many high-end labels take part in the Grande Braderie. Chanel, Gucci, Prada, among other top designers, and both local and foreign, will join the fun by selling their products at extremely reduced prices. There are some true bargains to be found.

    La venta de Grande Braderie marca el final de la temporada, la liquidación del inventario y el cierre de la tienda de la mayoría de las boutiques hasta el próximo mes de marzo o abril.

    Vídeo de la Grande Braderie de St Tropez

    Le Grande Braderie Saint-Tropez 2023 Detalles del evento

    Tipo de evento: Venta callejera / Ventas de moda con descuento

    Frecuencia: Anual

    Fecha: Viernes 28 de octubre al domingo 30 de octubre de 2023

    Momento: 9am a 7pm

    Teléfono: +33494974521

    Social: (No hay redes sociales o sitio web dedicados)

    Localización: Por las calles de Saint-Tropez

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