Flea, Antique & Vide-Grenier Markets

    Europe doesn’t do Garage Sales, preferring neighborhood Brocantes and Vide-Greniers. Not sure what those are? Read on for Iconic Riviera’s complete guide to the markets happening on the French Riviera:

    Flea, Antique & Vide-Grenier Markets - antique markets french riviera best shopping deals

    Brocantes (Flea Markets)

    In a Brocante, the exhibitors are professionals. There are therefore objects of greater value than in garage sales. The second-hand dealer sells furniture, everyday objects: lamps, dishes, linens, old tools, books, magazines, postcards, and other collections … In short, all the nuggets from the 1920s to the 2000s!

    Flea, Antique & Vide-Grenier Markets - mercados de antigüedades french riviera brocante 1

    Salon d’Antiquaire (Antique Market)

    Unlike the second-hand dealer, the antique dealer generally sells furniture, works of art or books dating back more than a century. Some antique dealers have their own shop but can participate in large one-off events.

    Many antique dealers specialize and offer furniture in the Empire, Directory or Louis XVI style for example. They have an obligation to guarantee the authenticity of the goods they offer for sale.

    Vide Grenier / Bric à Brac (Household Sale)

    Each village usually does one or two Vide Greniers a year, spring and fall. The sellers are mainly individuals (even if some allow second-hand dealers), and each family fills a table with all manner of fascinating finds, from the most hilarious junk to the most interesting antiques.

    This is an unpacking sale where individuals sell items that they no longer need. You will find everything there: clothes, books, video games, toys, comics, decorative objects, childcare equipment… Vide Greneirs are often festive events at very affordable prices.
    You will of course find valuables there but also a lot of objects at 1, 2 or 5 euros!

    Flea, Antique & Vide-Grenier Markets - antique markets french riviera Valbonne brocante market2 1

    The prices at these bric-a-brac free-for-alls are a fraction of the weekly flea markets, and bargaining is the way to go… if you don’t speak French, start with a ‘bonjour‘ and a smile, then just point and use the calculator on your smartphone to make your offer!

    We keep the Iconic Riviera events calendar updated with the dates for these events.

    Brocantes (Clearance Sales)

    You can also hunt in a clearance sale, historically organized in the open air and bringing together local stores wishing to liquidate their stock (and, sometimes, second-hand stores). The most coveted sale in the open air, is the Braderie de St Tropez, where the local stores put their items on sale before closing up for the winter.

    Where to Find the Sales

    See below for a list of sales, and check our events calendar for markets and special sales events, plus our guide to the best places to find shopping deals.

    If you want even more, this is the government’s official calendar of all local markets: Solo busque 'Vide Grenier' (que vende cualquier cosa y de todo) o 'Frippery' (que vende principalmente ropa) o 'Brocante' (lo que significa costosos anticuarios profesionales que, si bien son interesantes, generalmente no son baratos). Traiga algunos sacos y muchos billetes pequeños.

    Un gay

    • Antigüedades: primer viernes de mes: junto al paseo marítimo


    • Antigüedades: todos los jueves y sábados: Place Audiberti
    • Artesanía: de jueves a sábado: Cours Massena
    • Antigüedades: último domingo del mes: en el aparcamiento del Puerto Viejo en Golfe-Juan


    • Antigüedades: tercer domingo de mes: en el puerto


    • Antigüedades: último domingo del mes: Place du Château


    • Antigüedades: todos los lunes: mercado interior Marché Forville
    • Mercadillo: todos los viernes: Ranguin
    • Antigüedades: todos los sábados y domingos de 7h a 17h30: Les Allées de la Liberté
    • Feria de artistas: todos los domingos: Les Allées de la Liberté
    • Antigüedades: segundo viernes del mes: Place Carnot en Le Cannet
    • Antigüedades: todos los jueves de 8h a 12h: plaza del mercado de Cannes La Bocca

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    La Colle-sur-Loup

    • Antigüedades: segundo domingo del mes: Rue de l'Ancienne Gare


    • Antigüedades: primer viernes de mes: Place Camille Formigé


    • Antigüedades: todos los miércoles: Cours Honoré Cresp
    • Antigüedades: tercer sábado del mes: Cours Honoré Cresp


    • Bric-a-Brac y antigüedades: primer domingo de mes: Place Neuve


    • Antigüedades: todos los viernes de 7h a 18h: Explanada Francis Palméro
    • Mercadillo: segundo domingo del mes: Esplanade du Bastion


    • Big antiques market: every Monday from 7am to 6pm: Cours Saleya
    • Antiques: first Sunday of the month: Quai de la Douane
    • Art: second Saturday of the month: Place du Palais de Justice
    • Books: first and third Saturday of the month: Place du Palais de Justice
    • Collectable postcards: last Saturday of the month: Place du Palais de Justice

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    San Rafael

    • Antiques and bric-a-brac: every Sunday: parking area at Débarquement au Dramont
    • Antiques and bric-a-brac: every Tuesday: Place Coullet
    • Antiques: first Friday of the month: on the seafront at Agay


    • Antiques: every Tuesday and Saturday: Place des Lices

    Aprender acerca the giant yearly street sale in St. Tropez.


    • Antiques: first Sunday of the month: Places des Arcades


    • Antiques and books: every Wednesday from 7am to 3pm: Place du Grand Jardin


    • Antiques and flea-market: every Sunday from 7am to 5pm: Jardin Francois Binon, by the tourism office

    Want more? Learn about the best shopping deals and sales on the French Riviera.

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