马赛位于法国南部海岸,距离著名的闪闪发光的里维埃拉以西 110 英里。 它是法国最古老的城市,可追溯到公元前 600 年,拥有约 850,000 名居民,是法国第二大城市。

    马赛的犯罪 - 马赛犯罪率 1

    We recommend you don’t go near this dangerous and corrupted city.

    It is a city of contrasts, with the richer, mostly white areas south of the city center and the poorer northern districts from the center of the city, where 40% of people live below the poverty line. Many call Marseille the poorest city in France. Those with money live in the suburbs, whilst the northern districts are cramped with high rise blocks (sometimes referred to as ghettos) mostly occupied by immigrants and disenfranchised youth.

    这座城市犯罪猖獗,谋杀率和与毒品有关的犯罪率很高,而且情况只会越来越糟:马赛正在经历越来越多的社会问题。 北部地区的地区已成为警察的“禁区”,当地人设置自己的路障以监控谁进入并实施他们自己的纪律和惩罚。 帮派战争是常态,贩毒集团相对逍遥法外,并公开携带卡拉什尼科夫冲锋枪,卡拉什尼科夫冲锋枪已成为首选武器。

    As Marseille is a large port city, this has meant that it has become a magnet for immigration. There is no way of knowing how many Arabs/Muslims live in any individual city, because registration by religion or ethnic origin is forbidden by law, however the latest research in Marseille suggests that around one-third of ‘Marseilles’ are now Muslim. Back in 2006, it was reported that 70,000 city residents were considered to be of Maghrebian origin, mostly Algerian. The second largest group in Marseille in terms of single nationalities were from the Comoros, amounting to some 45,000 people. This has increased tremendously as migrants flee the troubles of their African and Middle Eastern countries. This group does not assimilate well with native Marseilles.

    马赛的犯罪 - 马赛警察犯罪率 1

    犯罪率比法国任何其他城市高出 5 倍多。 The murder rate is especially high, as young men are routinely trapped and burned alive. This happens so often that it even has a name: it’s called a ‘Marseille barbecue’, and it’s part of gang or drug-related crimes.

    抢劫是暴力的,通常涉及许多携带武器的人。 骑着踏板车接近是一种常见的策略。 据报道,由于青年失业率高达 40%,抢劫和袭击以获得容易出售的贵重物品的犯罪行为很常见。

    好像这一切还不够糟糕,马赛还与 科西嘉分离主义组织 FLNC,而且他们已经对马赛的多家酒店进行了炸弹袭击。

    If you must visit Marseille, use common sense and don’t put yourself at risk by entering areas known for high crime rates (like the third arrondissement –the poorest area in France– where over 50% live beneath the poverty line). Don’t travel alone at night. If you have an air of confidence about you and you look at home with your surroundings, you are less likely to be attacked.

    看看我们的 关于如何在法国里维埃拉避免犯罪的专家提示 and see our Marseille-specific tips below.


    马赛的黑手党犯罪活动由来已久,但有一种犯罪行为让这座城市享有贩毒之都的美誉:“法网”。 这是一个以 1970 年代纽约被盗的纳粹钱财开始,以腐败结束的惊人故事。

    In the 1930s, Corsican mafia leader Paul Carbone realized that there was money to be made on the streets of America by selling heroin. He began transporting poppy seeds from Turkey to France – via Marseille – and then on towards Canada and, eventually, the US. This route (soon dubbed the ‘French Connection’) used Marseille as a thoroughfare because it was one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean, meaning shipments were more difficult to detect.

    A man called Auguste Ricord worked with Carbone to finance the operation. It is believed that the money Ricord provided was obtained during his time with the French Gestapo, a branch of the Nazi party, in the years that made up World War II. US authorities were aware of the French Connection as early as 1937, having discovered a number of Marseille-based labs that were turning morphine paste into heroine. However, the CIA allegedly protected the 科西嘉帮派 因为他们在阻止法国共产党人在第二次世界大战结束时控制马赛旧港方面提供的帮助。 事实证明,这对美国人来说是一个大错误。

    在整个 1950 年代和 60 年代,French Connection 逐渐开始向美国运送越来越多的毒品。 据估计,到 1960 年,每年有多达 5,000 磅(2,300 千克)的海洛因通过这条路线流入美国街头。 据称,法国当局不愿逮捕该团伙的一名主要头目,因为他在二战期间曾是法国抵抗运动的一员。

    美国政府试图让土耳其减少鸦片的出口量,但最终他们知道他们必须自己解决暴民问题。 美国当局(在国际盟友的帮助下)取缔贩运活动,并在整个 1970 年代初没收了大量毒品并逮捕了数百人。 同时,涉案黑手党多名成员因与其他帮派内斗而被杀害。 到 70 年代中期,French Connection 已被淘汰。

    French Connection 将大量毒品带入美国——许多纽约警察利用该计划自己致富。 事实上,纽约警察局的介入仍然是历史上最重要的事件之一最臭名昭著,未解决的腐败丑闻:1962 年,从 French Connection 团伙手中缴获了大量毒品——其中包含 400 多磅海洛因和可卡因,据说价值 7300 万美元。 1972 年,人们发现存放在纽约市警察金库中的毒品已被面粉和玉米淀粉取代,并在十年间在美国街头出售。 四名纽约市警察受到牵连,其中一名后来被杀。

    French Connection 的一名黑帮成员——最终因其罪行被判入狱 455 年——目前正在美国监狱中受苦; 安东尼·卡索也许是世界上唯一知道谁真正为将毒品泄漏到街头负责的人。

    The French connection is the stuff of legends – and prime material Hollywood. In 1971, William Friedkin (who famously went on to direct ‘The Exorcist’) made a movie called ‘The French Connection’, starring Gene Hackman. But the French were already using Marseille as a notorious backdrop long before this. Films like Jacques Deray’s 'Borsalino’ (1970), starring two of France’s most popular actors at the time, showed rival gangsters and warring mafia families. Locals in Marseille had known for a long time that the city was home to nefarious mafia behavior, but it was the Oscar-winning success of ‘The French Connection’ that really brought awareness to an international audience.

    Marseille’s infamy continues to this day, with Netflix’s grandiose Marseille series and Cédric Jimenez’s 2014 version of the drug bust starring Jean Dujardin, called ‘La French’. It appears as if this is one aspect of Marseille’s history that it will never shake.

    2024 Update

    In late March 2024, French President Emmanuel Macron initiated a multi-week crackdown on drug trafficking in Marseille, a city that has been plagued by gang violence, resulting in dozens of deaths and making life unbearable for many residents. During his unexpected visit to the southern port city, which is set to host several events for the Paris 2024 Olympics, Macron announced that more than 80 individuals had already been apprehended in the initial raids. Over the next three weeks, approximately 4,000 police officers will be deployed weekly in Marseille and its surrounding areas. The President commenced his visit with a walkabout in the northern district of La Castellane , one of the worst-affected areas, assuring residents that the operation aims to “try to destroy the networks and the traffickers.”

    Joseph Downing – a senior lecturer in politics and international relations, who grew up on a London council estate and lives in Marseille, where he has studied the relationship between the cités and police – said it was impossible for Britons to grasp how awful the estates are. He says that “in terms of the disrepair of the housing stock, the absence of the state – the absence of anybody – we can’t comprehend it’s possible. The police are even scared to go there. For us, this is unthinkable. These places are literally outside the state. If you call the police as a resident, they will not come.”


    “I’m an English guy who’s been living in Marseille since July 2014 and am offering an update on the crime and safety situation from a local perspective. Myself and 一切 与我交谈的居民都有犯罪的第一手经验,最常见的是抢夺盗窃、扒窃、汽车盗窃、自行车/摩托车盗窃。 我有一个袋子被抢了,我看到小偷拿走了它,我就去追他。 这是我第一次遇到这样的事情,我快五十岁了,住在英国主要城市的一些危险地区,最糟糕的是一辆自行车从我住的一些公寓的入口大厅被盗.

    Certain parts of Marseille are a lot more dangerous than others. The forest of CCTV cameras recently installed may have made areas like the Vieux Port and Panier safer but based on my experiences and what I’ve heard from long term residents, here are some points to bear in mind:

    • 电车和地铁上经常发生珠宝首饰抢劫案,尤其是颈链。 还有手表盗窃,所以如果有人问你时间,你不知道。 他们几乎肯定有手机,为什么还要问你时间?
    • 扒手在整个城市活动,尤其是在地铁上。 如今,圣查尔斯车站挤满了保安和士兵。 小心撞到你的人,一群年轻人在踢足球,碰巧从你的路上经过……当这个年轻人去拿球时,他不知何故撞到了你,而他的同伙正在伸手去拿他们之前看到的手机在你的裤兜里勾勒出轮廓。
    • 现在,当我在市中心外出时,我会使用各种隐藏式钱包,因为我已经记不清尝试盗窃的次数了。 我有一个单肩包,可以装智能手机、钱包、钥匙组,还可以藏在衣服下面。 我认识的当地人晚上从不带包。
    • 我建议您将漂亮的名牌手表、金首饰和智能手机留在身后,当您在街上时,使用旅游信息中提供的免费地图之一。
    • The area bordered by Allee Gambetta , Rue de la Grande Armee and la Canebiere should be avoided as should the side streets near St Charles station . There’s nothing of any interest around there in any case. One exception might be the vegetarian restaurant Grain du Sable on rue Baignoir, open lunchtimes.
    • The area running from Cours Belsunce , around Rue Colbert up to Port d’Aix is extremely dangerous and notorious for snatch thefts. An ambulance crew, collecting a patient recently had their smartphones and the works phone stolen from the front of the ambulance while they were getting the patient in to the back. This was where I had a bag snatched in broad daylight. So if you’re thinking of strolling up to the Arc de Triomphe and having a picnic on the grass under the trees – don’t. This area is also the end of the motorway A7 and there are reports of motorists being robbed who’ve come off the motorway and stopped the car to check directions.
    • 每天至少能看到两三辆后窗玻璃被砸坏的车,如果你从城外带来车牌的车,尤其是外地车,被撞只是时间问题,不是会不会。
    • The beaches are also notorious for thefts. Plage Prophete , Catalans and Prado have free cloakrooms from June to September and you are well advised to use them.
    • As a visitor, you may well end up around Cours Julien , which is a lively area with some great cafes, bars and several excellent venues for live music. Unfortunately it’s also become a magnet for druggies, street drinkers and aggressive beggars and care should be taken in this neighborhood.
    • Some music venues you might find your way to are the Docks de Sud which is a superclub holding techno, drum and bass all-nighters and Le Nomad . Both are in the beginnings of the Quartiers Nords, the nearest metro station is Bougainville although Docks de Sud is on the tram network. You should organize transport back to wherever you’re staying (unless you’re planning on an all-nighter) this is definitely not a neighborhood to wander around in after dark.
    • Bougainville is also pretty sleazy day or night with drug dealers openly operating under the noses of the security guards.
    • 有很多免费的节日,夏天还有露天电影院,在这些情况下要小心包包和随身物品。
    • Another venue, not very easy to access, is the Friche Belle de Mai , a former factory with a spectacular rooftop bar which opens on Fridays and Saturday nights during the summer, it hosts some of the best club and live music nights the city has to offer. It’s in a poor neighborhood, some consider dangerous, although I’ve never experienced problems around there or felt unsafe. Nearby is a repertory cinema, the Gyptis , which has films in their original language.
    • There are news reports of robbers posing as fake Police, using a blue flashing light on their car, pulling over drivers to then demand wallets, mobile phones, and other valuables. These thefts are occurring on motorways during the early hours, between 2am and 6am and are reported to be taking place in Marseille and all along the French Riviera. Something to be careful of if you’re driving.

    Don’t be put off coming here, I love the city and I’m very happy here, but it is dangerous, violent and crime infested and is somewhere you need to be on your guard to a much greater extent than in other places.

    Much of the serious crime is gang and drug related and is most unlikely to affect a visitor unless you take a bus out to one of the housing projects in the notorious Quartiers Nord and look for trouble. These are like the favelas of Latin America, entire housing projects or estates controlled by criminal gangs which the police can only enter when there are several vans full of them, armed with assault rifles and body armor. If you’re curious, the ‘Hotel du Nord project’ offers home-stays in the North of the city and guided walks. Some efforts are being made to improve the lives and chances of people in these areas but to a large extent whole sections of society are disenfranchised.

    All I can say is these are my views based upon lived experience of twelve months in Marseille. I hope it’s helpful.”


    看看我们的 关于如何在法国里维埃拉避免犯罪的专家提示,并了解 毒气和入室盗窃


    • 科西嘉岛: 西欧最高的谋杀率。
    • Nice: Rife with pickpockets and petty thieves.


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