Cannes Transportation Options

    It’s the city of glitz and glamour- with its almost incomparable promenade, chic boutiques, high-end couture shops, luxury yachts, fancy restaurants, and annual film festival.

    To help travelers get to this classic but cosmopolitan city on the French Riviera, Iconic Riviera has created this guide as a primer for different modes of transportation in the city of Cannes:

    Arriving in Cannes via the Nice Airport

    Cannes Transportation Options - nice transportation
    the Nice airport

    The closest airport is the Nice-Côte-d’Azur airport, which is a 30 minute drive.

    To get to Cannes from the airport, you can catch an Uber (for around €60), take a train (for around €12) or the airport #210 bus (for around €22). See more details below.

    Arriving via PJ? Near the seashore on the west of the town center is the Aéroport de Cannes-Mandelieu. It is a general aviation facility that accommodates services for private planes without schedules.

    Cannes by Car

    If you have a car, then the main highway is the fastest way to arrive. However, we recommend you take the scenic route closest to the water, as it is much more picturesque.

    Drivers for Hire


    Uber works at the airport and in the main cities of the Riviera. It may be difficult to hail a ride from more remote areas though, unless you are lucky and catch a driver dropping someone off. It costs about €60 to Uber from the airport to Cannes.


    A taxi from the Nice airport to Cannes will cost a fixed rate of €80 for up to 4 people (including luggage) and takes approx 30 minutes. Paying in cash is much appreciated by the driver, but most taxis have card machines as not everyone carries that much cash. Taxis wait outside both terminals, so you’ll be sure to find one straight away. It’s always best to confirm the price before you leave the airport, to prevent a little surprise when you arrive at your accommodation.

    Car Rentals

    All the major car rental companies like Hertz, Sixt, Avis, and Budget are at the Nice Airport and in Cannes. If you decide to drive, we recommend renting a small car, like a convertible Fiat 500. Top-to-down is the way to go, and smaller cars are much easier to maneuver and park. If you’re going to go on day trips to some of the French resort towns, then you’ll need a small car to get through the tiny medieval roads.


    Once you’re in Cannes, there are many parking lots, which you can find on Google Maps. The rates are posted, but reasonable. Parking rates in garages are less than €3 per hour, with a daily maximum of about €17. Parking is free of charge for the first hour, except in the months July and August.

    Cannes by Bus

    Cannes Transportation Options - cannes travel guide 1
    a bus station by the port in cannes

    Airport Bus

    The Nice Airport Express Bus #210 generally runs twice per hour with the last departure from Cannes at 7pm and last departure from the airport at 8pm. Traveling time is around 50 minutes and you can check the schedule here.

    The public bus #200 is much slower as there are many more stops in between Nice and Cannes. The journey can take up to 90-minutes! After a flight, this is probably the last thing you’d want to do, especially in the heat (although buses are air-conditioned). 

    There is a bus station at both terminals (for the Express Bus), so unlike the train, there’s no need to walk anywhere to catch either bus. This can be quite tempting for the travellers amongst us that aren’t so keen on walking. 

    The Express Bus Service will cost €22, under 26’s can travel for €16.50 and under 12’s pay only €5. Tickets can be purchased from the bus ticket windows directly from the driver, or online. 

    For the public bus, the price is €1.50, and these tickets can be purchased on the bus from the driver. Buy from the ticket window if you want a booklet of a few passes. You will need to walk to the specified bus stop which is just outside the airport to catch this bus. 

    Local Busses in Cannes

    Cannes’ transportation system includes the city bus lines. Lignes d’Azur buses serve as links from the airport to Cannes. It is the public bus line that connects most cities and towns along Côte d’Azur.

    Numerous bus companies provide an efficient public transport system in the city. It includes STU de Cannes Bus Azur, CTM Cannes La Bocca, and Beltrame.

    The schedules of their buses are every 15 minutes. Tickets are available on the bus or at the bus stations. The central bus station is on Place Bernard Cornut Gentille next to the Town Hall.

    Cannes by Train

    The airport is not served by a specific train station, but the Nice St Augustin Station is only a 10-minute walk away and has frequent, direct trains straight to Cannes. The train will only set you back around 6€ for a one-way ticket.

    The SNCF is the provider of all the rail services in the city of Cannes and all over the French Riviera. The central station in Cannes is Gare de Cannes, in the town center. Trains run every 30 minutes and the views are excellent, as the rail runs adjacent to the beach.

    Cannes by Sea

    Cannes Transportation Options - cannes harbour

    On the west side of the Port of Cannes is where cruise ships anchor and tender passengers. The Vieux Port (Old Port) is on the west of Cannes between the castle and the Palais des Festivals. Another port is Port Pierre Canto, also a tender port and on the east end of La Croisette. Along with the main port, it is also a venue for some events in the Cannes Yachting Festival.

    If you’re planning on going to other destinations, be sure to read the guide to transportation for that town/city (click on the town in the menu and you’ll see it listed). Have a grand vacation in Cannes!

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