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    Our Readership / Traffic Statistics - blog french riviera

    Iconic Riviera is the French Riviera and Monaco’s #1 source for leisure & travel information.

    We got between 140,000 and 250,000 monthly visitors in 2020 [Covid affected traffic; in 2019 it was higher — between 350,000 and 500,000 monthly].

    There is no other website you could advertise on that would give you access to a larger or more targeted readership of both locals and tourists. No other French Riviera or Monaco website gets even close to the number of readers that we get [with only one exception: Nice Matin gets slightly more traffic, almost exclusively from locals, due to its daily breaking-news posts].

    Our Readership / Traffic Statistics - france magazine readership2
    April 10 to May 10, 2021
    Our Readership / Traffic Statistics - french riviera
    Google Analytics for Summer 2020
    Our Readership / Traffic Statistics - riviera readership
    Age and Gender breakdown

    We’ve identified that locals are most drawn to the events pages and the ‘Favorites’ section (‘Best ____’ posts) and the guides within.

    Non-locals (tourists) read those pages also, but on their first visit they mostly arrive via Google or social media to a travel guide and often read an average of two travel guides during their visit on the website.

    We are #1 in Google for many relevant phrases:

    Our Readership / Traffic Statistics - most popular french riviera travel guides
    Our Readership / Traffic Statistics - france magazine readership 1
    May 2021 Stats

    Feel free to compare our readership numbers to other websites using Amazon’s Alexa traffic tool. You can check Alexa to see what traffic, page-views, repeat visitors, etc. other websites get: search here (type the URL of the competing website in, click to search, then scroll down to the Traffic Statistics section at the bottom.) Compare those numbers with our verified statistics.

    Important: Alexa ranks all websites in the world based on popularity (1 being the most popular) and the lower the number the better — for example, Google is #1 and Facebook is #2 on Alexa. Sites with very high numbers (like over 500,000 worldwide) get almost no readers.

    We use both Google Analytics (see screenshots) and Amazon Alexa to track traffic numbers. You can view our Amazon Alexa traffic statistics here. Please note that, on Alexa, the countries are wrong/inconsistent with Google Analytics, and the traffic is lower than actual because it’s only tracking the English-language pages. This is because Alexa is not able to count the traffic going to pages that have been dynamically translated using our translation plugin. Correct country information via Google Analytics is shown in the screenshot shown (at right).

    Our Readership / Traffic Statistics - french riviera travel guide
    (The lower the number, the more traffic the site gets)
    Our Readership / Traffic Statistics - france magazine readership5
    (The Lower the number, the better the traffic)
    Our Readership / Traffic Statistics - france magazine readership4 1

    Wondering why the above charts look so… weird? Most Monaco and French Riviera publications get such a small amount of readers / traffic that they don’t even show up on the chart when compared with Iconic Riviera.

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