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    Thank you for considering advertising on Iconic Riviera. You’ve come to the right place, because we are hands-down the #1 most popular website for information on the French Riviera, for both tourists and locals.

    Our Advantages

    We know that you have lots of choice when it comes to places to advertise. Here’s why we’re the best choice:

    #1: Yes, there are other tourism and local events websites. But none of them come close to getting the number of readers that we get. Iconic Riviera is the #1 source for information about Monaco, Cannes, Nice, St-Tropez and each of the other towns we cover — together & individually! There is no other website you could advertise on that would give you access to a larger or more targeted readership of both locals and tourists.

    #2: If you request it, we’ll make the URL to your website be a tracking link so you can see exactly how many readers are clicking through. Unlike with other platforms, on Iconic Riviera you can track the effectiveness of your ads.

    The Best French Riviera Travel Guides

    Our Readership / Traffic Statistics

    Feel free to compare our readership numbers to other websites using Amazon’s Alexa traffic tool. You can check Alexa to see what traffic, page-views, repeat visitors, etc. other websites get: search here (type the URL of the competing website in, click to search, then scroll down to the Traffic Statistics section at the bottom.) Compare those numbers with our verified statistics.

    Important: Alexa ranks all websites in the world based on popularity (1 being the most popular) and the lower the number the better — for example, Google is #1 and Facebook is #2 on Alexa. Sites with very high numbers over 500,000 get almost no readers.

    We use both Google Analytics (see screenshots) and Amazon Alexa to track traffic numbers. You can view our Amazon Alexa traffic statistics here. On Alexa, the countries are wrong/inconsistent with Google Analytics, but traffic numbers are correct. Correct country information via Google Analytics is shown in this screenshot:

    Google AnalYTICS for June and July 2020

    Of our almost 250k monthly visitors, about 60% view the website in French, and 35% in English (roughly evenly split between GB and US english).

    We’ve identified that locals are drawn to the events pages and the ‘Bucket List’ section and the guides within. Non-locals (tourists) read those pages also, but on their first visit they mostly arrive via Google or social media to a travel guide and often read an average of two travel guides during their visit on the website.

    We are #1 in Google for many relevant phrases:

    The Best French Riviera Travel Guides

    Our Advertising Types & Options

    Below are our advertising options. They are fully integrated as recommendations within the content and not labeled as advertising. If you have other ideas or see other places in the content where you would like us to include content about your business, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re open to all ideas! You can email us at [email protected]

    Banner Ads

    We can put your 300×300 square banner ad (not animated) in the footer of all posts in any specific city or resort town. (We can also put your banner ad in our newsletter; contact us for current newsletter rates). No setup fee.

    • Banner ad on all pages for one resort town: €395 per month, billed in 3-month increments (per resort town).
    • Banner ad on all pages for one French city (Antibes, Cannes or Nice): €795 per month, billed in 3-month increments (per French city).
    • Banner ad on all pages for Monaco: €1595 per month, billed in 3-month increments.
    • We can design the ad for you for an additional €120 one-time fee. (Add-on to subscription only).

    Promotion Within Any Post

    Now on SALE! Two listings for the price of one!

    Iconic Riviera will recommend your business in a Travel Guide, Travel Itinerary, or other post (such as ‘Best Of’ lists, lifestyle posts, etc.). This also applies to any post in the ‘Travel Guides’ sections (such as the transportation guide, travel itineraries, best brunch spots, best wedding venues, etc.) This includes a short description, one wide photo or two tall photos, a map pointer, and (on itineraries only) a visual Google map. This will link to your website, but we can also make this listing link to your Business Profile (see below, sold separately) for readers to learn more, see photos, etc.

    Example: St Paul de Vence: Travel Guide (see the ‘Where To Stay’ section)

    • €750 one-time setup fee, plus €265 per month billed in three-month increments.

    ‘Notable Residents’

    We can publish a personal profile with an interview, including up to eight photos and a YouTube video, with the founder of your business.

    It will appear under the city of your choice in the main section and in the ‘Notable Residents’ section.

    Example: Notable Resident: Vibeke Brask Thomsen

    • €2250 one-time setup fee, plus €565 per month billed in three-month increments.

    Extra-Large Business Profile

    Iconic Riviera will publish a listing/post exclusively about your hotel, store, restaurant or tour, which we will co-write. It will have a lot of information, including photos of your dishes, rooms, products, etc and information about pricing, a YouTube video, etc. The listing will include many photos.

    It will be in the main section for the resort town it’s located in, or if it’s in one of the cities, it will appear in the main city section and also under ‘Where To Sleep, Shop & Spa’, ‘Where To Dine & Drink’, ‘Leisure Activities’, ‘Services For Residents’ or ‘Travel Guides’ in the navigation menu.

    Examples: Antibes’ Absinthe Bar or The Prince’s Car Collection

    • €1750 one-time setup fee, plus €465 per month billed in three-month increments.

    Event Listing (Full Page)

    We will publish a listing/post exclusively about your event, with two photos and a YouTube video, which we will co-write.

    It will be in the main section for the town the event is happening in, and also linked from the ‘Events’ in the main menu (under the town it’s located in), plus added to the overall ‘Events Calendar’ page, as well as added to the public Google Calendar that readers subscribe to.

    Example: The Cannes Film Festival

    • €450 one-time setup fee, plus €135 per month with no minimum. Subscription billed in one-month increments.

    Event Listing (in Google Calendar)

    We will include your event in the Events Calendar (Google Calendar). You provide the text and we will add it, with a link to your website.

    • €45 for one event entry, or €385 for a package of 10 event entries, or €1785 for 50. Events over multiple days count as multiple event entries.

    ‘Where To Dine, Drink, Shop or Stay’ (Events Pages)

    We can add a box entitled either ‘Where To Dine’, ‘Where To Drink’, ‘Where to Shop’, or ‘Where to Stay’, to certain event pages (for example, our page about the Monaco Grand Prix, or a Jazz Festival). The box will stand out visually and can have a photo, short description, link to your website or event page, and Google Map.

    • €650 one-time setup fee, plus €225 per month billed in three-month increments.

    Real Estate or Vacation Rental Listing

    We will publish a listing exclusively about a property you have for sale or rent, which can include a paragraph about your agency. You write the content. Listings should include photos and can also include a YouTube video. They will appear in the ‘Real Estate & Villa Rentals’ section.

    • €450 one-time setup fee, plus €235 per month billed in two-month increments.


    The ‘Offers’ section is for discounts (minimum 15%) and freebies for our readers. In this section, you will get an entire page to promote your business and offer (up to approximately 500 words).

    • €395 one-time setup fee, plus €140 per month billed in two-month increments.


    Our Iconic Riviera newsletter is twice monthly and in it, we share: Events, People/Interviews, and new Guides. We can include a banner ad or a blurb about your business/brand/company. This can link to your website (using a special tracking URL). Or, to a page on Iconic Riviera which has information about your company. We can also arrange dedicated mailings just for you.

    • Contact us for rates (based on ad type and current # of subscribers).
    The Best French Riviera Travel Guides

    Do you have questions?

    Please contact us at [email protected] (preferred; any language) or call +37799908881 for more details (English only).

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